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Zaporozhets Ruslan a.k.a. ZULU

Name: Zaporozhets Ruslan a.k.a. ZULU

Age: 29 years (13.08.1983)

Languages: English, Russian, Ukrainian

Specialisation: Freestyle, Basic Steps, Choreography

Dance Styles: HIP-HOP, HOUSE

About me: Dance since childhood and I can not imagine being without dance. I started

dancing hip-hop in 1997. I love to travel, it makes it possible to obtain information from

different continents and to share it. Freestyle gives me a sense of freedom where the music

is revealed to me. What I try to teach my students. I took the basics of styles from the

original source. Very taught me a lot members of the Ellite Force Crew: Buddah Stretch,

Henry Link, Lose Joint, Brooklyn Terry and Caleaf from Dance Fusion.

I have 6 years experience in teaching. Choreographer, organizer of the festival “Battle

for Knowledge”, a judge at many championships throughout Ukraine, Russia, Estonia,

Kazakhstan, the permanent presenter of master classes in hip-hop and house in different

cities of East Europe.

Winner of numerous battles and that’s the most important results:

Juste Debout Suisse, Geneve 2012

Juste Debout France, Paris 2012 1⁄2 final vs. Ben & Salas

Juste Debout USA, New York 2013 final

Juste Debout Greece 2011 1⁄4

Juste Debout Russia 2010

Juste Debout 2010 France, Paris 2010 1/8

BattleZone 2009 Russia, Moscow

HipHopInternational Ukraine 2011

HipHopInternational USA, Las Vegas 2011 1/8

StepYaGameUp New York 2011 1⁄4

RDA Battle Moscow 2008

NikeBattle 2007 Ukraine

NikeBattle 2007 Russia….

I studiet with: Link EFC (NY), Buddah Stretch EFC (NY), Caleaf DF (NY), ShoTime, Niako,

Ben, Les Twins, Loose Joint EFC, Marjery DF, Brooklyn Terry, Bruce Yukanji, Yugson,

Mamson, Joseph Go, Meech, Brian Green.

Constantly seeking to develop, I’m attaches the pursuit of knowledge a lot of dancers,

telling, showing and sharing all that he can and does. I am finds the unexpected approach

to any of your student so that he will be pleasantly surprised by their capabilities and

Some of my video on youku:


Tel 13127859102


wechat zululive41

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